Gajar ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa - The sweet tooths' weakness!

Gajar ka Halwa – The sweet tooths’ weakness!

It’s an amazing, mouth-watering dish that’s savoured both in India and Pakistan alike. I am sure every one of us has fond memories of our favourite sweet shop in the nearby lanes of our hometown where we frequently used to get the halwa from. From my hometown Udaipur, even I have the sweet memories of Safdar Bhai’s mithai ki dukan where I used to get the gajar ka halwa from. The shop is still there and whenever I go to Udaipur, I make it a point to visit the shop. The taste is still the same, mouth-watering I would say.
Then what, I got my inspiration to try my hand at preparing the halwa as well. Here’s how you can take a trip back into the memory lane while making your favourite sweet dish.

1 kg carrot (grated)
– 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
– 2 cups of curd innit (khoya)
– 1 tbsp of cardamom powder
– ½ cup of grated almonds and pistachio
– 4 tbsp of ghee

In a non-stick skillet pour ghee and allow it to melt on medium flame.
– Add grated carrot and sauté for a min. Now cover it with a lid and allow it to moisten for about 3-4 minutes on simmer.
– Pour the sweetened condensed milk and stir well. Add khoya and keep moving until      you find that all the ingredients have nicely mixed.
– At this stage add cardamom, grated nuts, and stir it. Keep stirring until the halwa starts to leave the skillet and ghee is separated from halwa.
– Remove it in a serving plate and sprinkle some grated nuts over it. Time to enjoy what you just prepared!


About saeeda dehlvi

Born in India and brought up in the UAE, I am a Travel Advisor by profession. Besides my work, I love COOKING and learning the secrets of making some real awesome food!
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2 Responses to Gajar ka Halwa

  1. Waseem Malik says:

    Gajar k halwa me Sugar’s replacement with Condensed Milk ka Idea Acha hai, Good.

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