Fruity Truffle Pudding


Fruity Truffle Pudding - Good Mood Food!

Fruity Truffle Pudding - Good Mood Food!


Pudding often denotes a light, delightful and sweet milk-based dessert. The original belief that puddings are made with eggs is no longer a compulsion. Good news for all the Veggies – puddings can be made without eggs too!

Custard, cream, cake, seasonal fruits etc are just the right mix to prepare a perfect pudding. Enjoy it after any meal or just have it to ping your mood. After all, sweets are well-known mood boosters.

– ½ liter milk
– ½ cup of sugar
– 4 tablespoons rose flavor custard powder
– 1 teaspoon of gelatin
– Sliced sponge cake
– 1 cup fresh strawberries
– 4 teaspoon of strawberry marmalade
– 2 tablespoon of roasted almonds
– 1 cup fresh whipped cream
– 1 can of lychee

– Boil milk; add sugar and custard to it. Keep stirring till the liquid thickens. Add gelatin to warm water and mix till it disperses, mix the same into the mixture. Leave it to cool in the room temperature and then refrigerate it.
– Take slices of the sponge cake, and soak it in the lychee syrup.
– Spread some strawberry marmalade over the cake.
– Take a frying pan, and caramelize some sugar. When brown, add chopped strawberries to it.
– Take a serving glass or bowl and spread strawberry crush into the glass. Start making the layers.
– Prepare the first layer by adding 2 tbsp spoons of custard, add then soaked cake slices.
– Sprinkle caramelized strawberries and chopped lychee. Make a layer of whipped cream.
– Repeat the layers and end with stiff peaks of whipped cream. Sprinkle strawberries and almonds.
– Serve chilled.


About saeeda dehlvi

Born in India and brought up in the UAE, I am a Travel Advisor by profession. Besides my work, I love COOKING and learning the secrets of making some real awesome food!
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